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Subject [Bug 54536] ErrorReportValve doesn't respect HttpServletResponse.sendError(int sc, String msg)
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2013 16:37:17 GMT

--- Comment #7 from Yannis Thanasoulas <> ---

Status code 408 - Request Timeout, as it is described in RFC 2616 occurs when
"The client did not produce a request within the time that the server was
prepared to wait. The client MAY repeat the request without modifications at
any later time.". My understanding of status code 408 is that  when a
client(browser) sends a request and while the request is being processed by the
server the connection timeouts, which is not the same case. 

The actual problem is that i expect the response body (default error page) to
contain a message field with the url in which the user should be redirected (ex
login page), because otherwise without this functionality the response body of
the request, the session of which has been timed out, returns the login page
with status 200, this cannot be handled effectively in the context of an AJAX
request (at least with my current implementation). So, i return an error which
can be caught in JS level and using the message (<b>message</b>
<u>redirectUrl:/test/login?login_error=3</u>) redirects them to the desired

As for RFC2616, in section 6.1.1,  i found the following part which mentions

" HTTP status codes are extensible. HTTP applications are not required
   to understand the meaning of all registered status codes, though such
   understanding is obviously desirable."

but it isn't my intention to argue over this, i just found this inconsistency
between the releases and i mention it.

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