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Subject [Bug 54456] ChunkedInputFilter returning EOF when client closes connection without sending end chunk
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2013 17:33:25 GMT

--- Comment #3 from Sudhan Moghe <> ---
I found the issue after we switched to protocol="HTTP/1.1".
But I have tested my patch with "HTTP/1.1" as well as NIO connector.
I am getting EOFException("Unexpected end of stream while reading chunk body")
with both.
Client is sending 8kB chunks. The test cases that are failing send around 18mB
data before closing connection.

Why I was not getting EOF in my servlet with NIO connector is something I need
to check. ChunkedInputFilter is returning -1 for sure. I wanted to check that
before giving update here but not getting time.
Will check and give details as soon as possible. May be some time next week.

One sure way of reproducing the issue is setting chunk size as 200 and sending
only 100 bytes and then closing connection. 
My test case is not doing that and why is it happening in my case is something
I need to check. I am sending complete 8kB chunks from client. In my case it
should fail while reading header (which is handled properly).

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