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Subject [Bug 53871] java.lang.StackOverflowError on deploying a web application
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2013 12:49:27 GMT

--- Comment #9 from ---
This was a serious show stopper.  Calling it an enhancement to make it work is

It only happened with certain wars, and oddly enough I could tweak the
deploypath to cause it to occur or go away.  E.g. Whith one of my wars, when it
was deployed to a path that started C:\Progs\... it failed with the
populateSCIsForCacheEntry errors.  When I changed it to C:\Prog\..., it didn't.

Unfortunately, this is not a practical solution for my current situation.  So
until it is fixed, we are stuck at version 7.0.28.  Although this issue says it
has been resolved, there is no indication of how it was resolved.  Did someone
actually find and fix the problem, or just change the error message as
suggested in by Mark Thomas?


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