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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Tomcat Wiki] Update of "FAQ/Linux_Unix" by KonstantinKolinko
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2013 10:30:03 GMT
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The "FAQ/Linux_Unix" page has been changed by KonstantinKolinko:

Add an answer to the question of using pre-packaged versions of Tomcat.

  == Preface ==
  == Questions ==
+  1. [[#Q5|I have Tomcat x.y.z installed as part of my OS. Is it good to use?]]
   1. [[#Q1|When I run ps (on Linux), why do I see my java process a bazillion times!]]
   1. [[#Q2|How do I run without an X server and still get graphics?]]
   1. [[#Q3|Tomcat dies after I log out!]]
   1. [[#Q4|Catalina.log contains : "SEVERE: StandardServer.await: create[8005] : Throwable
occurred: The socket name is not available on this system."]]
  == Answers ==
+ <<Anchor(Q5)>>'''I have Tomcat x.y.z installed as part of my OS. Is it good
to use?'''
+ Many Linux distributions provide a pre-packaged version of Apache Tomcat.
+ These packages work fine and are easy to install for a normal single-instance case,
+ but they make it more difficult for more specific use cases,
+ and more difficult for people on the [[FAQ/Tomcat_User|Tomcat User mailing list]] to help
+ That is because each of these packages distributes the files of Tomcat
+ in different places on the disk, sets different environment variables,
+ sets different links from one directory to the other in the filesystem, etc..
+ So it would be better to install a "standard" tomcat downloaded from
+ the website [[]], to some directory like `/opt/tomcat`,
+ and follow the instructions that are given in the "RUNNING.txt" file.
+ This way, everyone here knows what you are talking about and has a good idea of where things
+ Several notes:
+  * Download a "binary" version. Either a "tar.gz" or a "zip" file is fine. There is usually
no need to re-compile Tomcat from the source code.
+  * The "tar.gz" files use GNU extensions to the tar file format. You need a GNU-compatible
version of `tar` to unpack them.
+  * Learn how to run Tomcat with separate values of `CATALINA_HOME` and `CATALINA_BASE`,
as explained in "RUNNING.txt". This will simplify further upgrades and maintenance.
  <<Anchor(Q1)>>'''When I run ps (on Linux), why do I see my java process a bazillion
  Linux implemented threads as processes. Due to other gory details that is beyond the scope
of this FAQ - the ps command doesn't work correctly with respect to threads. You can get more
gory details [[|here]] and
[[|here]] .

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