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Subject [Bug 54386] [FR] Jar's static content extraction for CDN from (JSR315-§10.10)
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2013 22:26:42 GMT

--- Comment #6 from Christopher Schultz <> ---
(In reply to comment #5)
> Yes we can solve this via ant, but this always would be complex and dirty
> hack.

I don't see "deployment procedures" as hacks.

> I'm not sure what if *two* jars contains different files but same
> *file-names*, which should be used?

There is nothing stopping the same situation from occurring if Tomcat were to
serve these resources itself. I requested clarification earlier today and got
an answer from Mark Thomas, a memory of the Servlet EG:

You can provide whatever ordering you want if you use ant or a similar tool.

> So there are some ant-tasks: 
> 1. The webapp/ant must introspect the class-loader and 
> 2. the class-load-order which jar would be load first, the shared/lib and
> bootstrap and combined and the systempath up to JRE/JDK. 

I wasn't considering the case where static content for the webapp wasn't
provided by the webapp. A bit of a pathological use case, wouldn't you say?

> Another workaround is to write a lifecycle-listener who knows all the
> resources an explode them at deployment. Ok we are at least now able to say:
> this is the subtask of the CDN's-jar (so it will be an Wontfix too).

I'm leaning toward WONTFIX because I really don't think this is the job of the
container: it's the job of the deployer (that's either a person or a process
carried out by people wielding tools). That said, it would be nice for Tomcat
to provide a sample script, even if it is only available via the Wiki, for

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