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Subject svn commit: r1439058 - in /tomcat/tc6.0.x/trunk: ./ webapps/docs/appdev/deployment.xml
Date Sun, 27 Jan 2013 11:44:41 GMT
Author: rjung
Date: Sun Jan 27 11:44:41 2013
New Revision: 1439058

Close parentheses on docs page.
Noted on comments.a.o.

Backport of r1439054 from trunk resp.
r1439055 ffrom tc7.

    tomcat/tc6.0.x/trunk/   (props changed)

Propchange: tomcat/tc6.0.x/trunk/
  Merged /tomcat/trunk:r1439054

Modified: tomcat/tc6.0.x/trunk/webapps/docs/appdev/deployment.xml
--- tomcat/tc6.0.x/trunk/webapps/docs/appdev/deployment.xml (original)
+++ tomcat/tc6.0.x/trunk/webapps/docs/appdev/deployment.xml Sun Jan 27 11:44:41 2013
@@ -124,7 +124,7 @@ API Specification, version 2.3, which yo
 <p>Like most servlet containers, Tomcat 6 also supports mechanisms to install
 library JAR files (or unpacked classes) once, and make them visible to all
 installed web applications (without having to be included inside the web
-application itself.  The details of how Tomcat locates and shares such
+application itself).  The details of how Tomcat locates and shares such
 classes are described in the
 <a href="../class-loader-howto.html">Class Loader HOW-TO</a> documentation.
 The location commonly used within a Tomcat 6 installation for shared code is

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