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Subject svn commit: r1437637 - /tomcat/trunk/webapps/docs/jasper-howto.xml
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2013 19:19:34 GMT
Author: markt
Date: Wed Jan 23 19:19:34 2013
New Revision: 1437637

Improve the documentation for the compiler attribute in the Jasper how-to


Modified: tomcat/trunk/webapps/docs/jasper-howto.xml
--- tomcat/trunk/webapps/docs/jasper-howto.xml (original)
+++ tomcat/trunk/webapps/docs/jasper-howto.xml Wed Jan 23 19:19:34 2013
@@ -96,9 +96,14 @@ attribute is always set when Jasper is u
 classpath is created dynamically based on the current web application.</li>
 <li><strong>compiler</strong> - Which compiler Ant should use to compile
-pages.  See the Ant documentation for more information. If the value is not set,
-then the default Eclipse JDT Java compiler will be used instead of using Ant.
-No default value.</li>
+pages. The valid values for this are the same as for the compiler attribute of
+<a href="">javac</a>
+task. If the value is not set, then the default Eclipse JDT Java compiler will
+be used instead of using Ant. There is no default value. If this attribute is
+set then <code>setenv.[sh|bat]</code> should be used to add
+<code>ant.jar</code>, <code>ant-launcher.jar</code> and <code>tools.jar</code>
+to the <code>CLASSPATH</code> environment variable.</li>
 <li><strong>compilerSourceVM</strong> - What JDK version are the source
 compatible with? (Default value: <code>1.6</code>)</li>
@@ -202,9 +207,8 @@ tens of JARs. On fast servers, this will
 for even large JSP  pages.</p>
 <p>Apache Ant, which was used in previous Tomcat releases, can be used instead
-of the new compiler by simply removing the <code>lib/ecj-*.jar</code> file,
-and placing the <code>ant.jar</code> and <code>ant-launcher.jar</code>
-from the latest Ant distribution in the <code>lib</code> folder.</p>
+of the new compiler by configuring the compiler attribute as explained above.

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