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Subject [Bug 54191] TomEE 1.5+ SNAPSHOT struggling with PrimeFaces p:calendar readonlyInput="#{someEL ? 'true' : 'false'}"
Date Tue, 04 Dec 2012 23:31:22 GMT

--- Comment #15 from smithh032772 <> ---
> It is pf_UsersController instance that is stored in LoginFilter.userBEan field and is
shared across requests.

You are correct. pf_UsersController is CDI @SessionScoped bean that is
available and referenced by LoginFilter during each request.

> It looks as if your pf_usersController.loggedInViaIpad returns 'Y' occasionally.

loggedInViaIpad will only be true when iPad device/user is logged in. This is
why I was 'not' able to duplicate this I didn't login via iPad.
I logged in via laptop and Android device/phone. :)

> How that property is evaluated? Do you parse the user-agent header of each request?

We've already discussed this. :)

> Maybe your ajax calls are loosing the session, or the session expires.
(-> ask on the users list).

I did not see this behavior at all. My opinion is that the earlier version of
TomEE 1.5.1 SNAPSHOT (tomcat 7.0.32 at the time, I think) had some issue with
the EL, but I might be wrong. I just wanted to log the defect, just in case, it
really was an issue.

My workaround resolves this issue for me, and anyone else that does an internet
search might possibly discover this issue and my workaround. Hope it helps

Thanks again.

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