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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Heads up: comments coming to live TC 7 docs
Date Sat, 15 Dec 2012 11:04:33 GMT
I plan to add the comments feature later today to the live TC 7 docs.

We had it for a final test available at some temporarily hosted TC 8
docs on the live site. I purged all test comments.

Optionally the system can forward any new comment to a mailing list. We
need to decide whether we want to send them to the dev list. Currently I
would suggest to do so at least until we collected some real live
experience. Please speak up, if you don't like this.

André, Chris, Chuck and Pid have moderator status. Every ASF committer
is also a moderator if she logs in using her LDAP credentials. Everyone
else who wants to join as a moderator should send a mail to this list.

Moderation is only needed for comments with non-ASF URLs in their body.
Moderators can also mark and clean up comments.

Moderators are not automatically subscribed to new comments, but they
can do so at the dashboard after logging in. André and Pid are already

Sorry for the forthcoming long commit messages when dropping the TC 8
docs and upping the TC 7 docs on the site.



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