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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject WebSocket progress report
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2012 21:23:44 GMT
This is just a short note to provide some idea of where I have got to
and where I am going with the WebSocket implementation.

So far, I have an implementation for incoming messages to server side
endpoints (for endpoints defined programmatically and via annotations)
that is built on top of Servlet 3.1 HTTP upgrade and works for at least
some use cases. I have not checked all the edge cases and I expect there
are places it will break.

The next step is to implement support for outgoing messages from server
endpoints. Once that is in place, I will update the examples to use the
new implementation and fix any issues that identifies. After that, I
intend to run the Autobahn test suite and fix any issues that identifies.

Once I have something that passes the Autobahn test suite my next set of
priorities will be to clean up the code. By that I mean:
- consistent formatting
- complete the Javadoc
- consistent naming conventions
- i18n
- refactor to reduce duplication
- reduce visibility to the minimum require to function correctly

The next block of work will be to complete the WebSocket client
implementation and then use that to generate unit tests. My aim then
will be to go through the API and get as close as practical to 100% code
coverage with the unit tests.

Alongside all of this will be updating the implementation for changes to
the draft specification which may well mean going back several steps.

Finally, I want to do some performance testing. Some of this may get
pulled forward if the Autobahn test suite finds something truly awful
(given my approach to date of focussing on getting something that works
this is quite likely).

Help in any form is always appreciated.


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