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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject [Proposal] Resurrecting storeconfig
Date Fri, 14 Dec 2012 13:36:16 GMT

I would be willing to start maintaining again storeconfig, along with
Jean-Frédéric. So after a hiatus, we would be able to bring back this
functionality which allows tweaking the configuration (through JMX in
particular) and then saving it to server.xml and context.xml files to
make changes survive a restart. On the downside, storeconfig in Tomcat
will always remain an introspection based system prone to (very rare,
hopefully) failures and some unhandled special cases, a artifact of
Tomcat's rather freeform configuration files.

The proposal would be to move "storeconfig7/trunk" from the sandbox to
"modules/storeconfig" in the Tomcat 7 branch [a port to trunk, aka
Tomcat "8", would be coming shortly, since I believe its container API
would now start to be more stable]. I don't recall Tomcat 6 having
modules, so I don't see where storeconfig6 would live there, and as a
result I propose leaving it in the sandbox.

One issue I'm wondering about is the build system. After all that time,
I've starting using Maven instead of Ant (unbelievable, I know ...), and
while I am fine continuing using existing Ant build systems, I find
adding ones to newer components quite useless.

Comments ?


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