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Subject [Bug 54116] Deadlocks with mysql driver
Date Fri, 09 Nov 2012 11:47:19 GMT

--- Comment #2 from Alfredo Casado <> ---
Thanks for your response.

Please can you answer my second question: ¿if the Pool-Cleaner thread is
blocked how this affect the behaviour of the pool?, ¿the pool is no longer
"clean" unused connections?. If this is true the problem is really a big issue
in production
 environments using tomcat+mysql.

In the first place i go to mysql driver project issue manager, i found one
report of a identical bug and following the recomendations in this issue i'm
here contacting with "my pool vendor". As you can see now i have two deadlocks:
one in my production servers and the second one in this bug resolution.

As you can see in the mysql bug they insist that the pool implementation must
call abort() instead of close(). I'm not sure what are the implications of

I'm not an expert in JDBC spec and in driver's or pool's implementations
details, i can't judge if the problem is in mysql driver like you say or if the
problem is in pool implementations, like the mysql guy say.

I have the following options:

- go again to mysql issue manager and reopen the bug. 
- don't use jdbc-pool (i think that others pool implementations call close in
the same way, the option is not using a pool at all)
- don't use mysql j/connector driver. ¿is there another mysql driver
implementation i can use?

¿what do you recomend?

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