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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Delete catalina.out
Date Sun, 18 Nov 2012 01:13:49 GMT

On 11/15/12 2:45 PM, Josh Gooding wrote:
> That is the tomcat default log file.  Nothing server wise will happen if
> you delete if that is your concern.  It just removes that particular log
> file.  I believe that you have to either be root and/or have the server
> stopped to remove the file however.

On a *NIX system, neither of the above statements are true: you may
delete the file while a process holds a file handle to the file (the
file will no longer be accessible to any other process -- at least under
its old name) without harm.

I'm not sure what will happen on win32. You'll either fail to delete the
file or get the *NIX-style behavior.

Once deleted, the file will be re-created when Tomcat next launches, as
long as the Tomcat process has "create" privileges for the
CATALINA_BASE/logs directory.


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