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Subject [Bug 54040] New: I found my flex application doesn't work anymore after tomcat version 7.0.27
Date Tue, 23 Oct 2012 05:53:17 GMT

          Priority: P2
            Bug ID: 54040
           Summary: I found my flex application doesn't work anymore after
                    tomcat version 7.0.27
          Severity: normal
    Classification: Unclassified
          Hardware: PC
            Status: NEW
           Version: 7.0.28
         Component: Connectors
           Product: Tomcat 7

I found my flex application doesn't work anymore after tomcat version 7.0.28.
Please help me to get through this. I tried many things without any success.

Here is my configurations.

Blaze - 4.x Tomcat - Latest - 7.0.28 Java 7

Application just hangs without any error or anything. It works until 7.0.27. I
checked tomcat release notes
( and isolated problem
up to Coyote jar file.

When I replace Coyote.jar and catalina.jar from version 7.0.27 to 7.0.28 it
works properly. Then I checked only having catalina.jar from previous version
still getting this problem. So I think it has something to do with changes done
for Coyote. 


    52858: Correct fix for high CPU load (fhanik)
    53138: Broken Sendfile on SSL introduced in 7.0.27 (fhanik)
    52055: Additional fix required to ensure that InputFilters are recycled
between requests. (markt)
    53061: Fix a problem in the NIO connector whereby if the poller was under
low but consistent load (>1 request/per second and always less than 1 second
between requests) timeouts never took place. (markt)
    53063: When using an Executor with BIO, use the executor's maxThreads as
the default for maxConnections. (markt)
    53119: Prevent buffer overflow errors being reported when a client
disconnects before the response has been fully written from an AJP connection
using the APR/native connector. (markt)
    53169: Allow developers to avoid chunked encoding for a response of unknown
length by setting the Connection: close header. Based on a patch suggested by
Philippe Marschall. (markt)
    53173: Properly count down maxConnections (fhanik)
     Update default value of pollerThreadCount for the NIO connector. The new
default value will never go above 2 regardless of available processors.
     Allow to retrieve the current connectionCount via getter from the endpoint
and as JMX attribute of the ThreadPool mbean. (rjung)
     Correct an edge case where Comet END events were not send to connected
clients when the Tomcat connector was stopped. (markt)
    53406: Fix possible stack overflow on connection close when using Comet.
     Improve InternalNioInputBuffer.parseHeaders(). (kkolinko)
     Implement maxHeaderCount attribute on Connector. It is equivalent of
LimitRequestFields directive of Apache HTTPD. Default value is 100. (kkolinko)

Please guide me to a solution. Thanks in advance.

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