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Subject [Bug 54036] currentThreadsBusy issue in centos 6
Date Tue, 23 Oct 2012 08:50:29 GMT

francesco <> changed:

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--- Comment #9 from francesco <> ---
i've used for bot centos 5 and 6, 

*all tested environments are 64 bit 

but as i've tested yesterday this issue happens also with bio connectors

the problem anyway exists since some months i have never got a working tomcat
in centos 6 (and maybe in fedora/RH lastest releases, i don't have tested there
but should be almost the same),
and because centos  is one of the top used server distro i think that this
issue should be treated as critical
i think that people which try to use tomcat in centos into a server with a
quite high load, see the resource usage and think that tomcat is slow
which is not! they don't fill a bug report because they don't think is a but
(but instead it is because threads and connections doesn't close when tcp/ip
transmission end)

now i have reinstalled again centos 5.8 on that server (i'm stuck to centos 5
:( ) and the server is replying at about 4k connections / seconds with 
8 cuncurrentthreadsBusy and 19 connectionCount (using APR) everything it's
exactly the same as previously tested in centos 6 (which was unable to go over
200 connections/seconds  without beign slow because threads count would always
max out )
same sysctl.conf, firewall disabled , same tomcat version and same servlet
(servlet is compiled locally then rsync'ed ) 

i think that someone should take a look at this issue, if i have a bit of time
in next months i'll try to setup iptables to try to forward multiple packets to
virtual machine
with centos 5 and 6, simulating multiple ip connections (if u know a better way
to do that let me know ) anyway if someone is running tomcat on centos 6 with a
busy site
and don't have this problem tell there and you can say then that it's me that
i'm wrong, 
elseway i'm pretty sure that there is a very important issue there  -->
indipendent of servlet served <-- that should need attention :)

thank you,

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