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Subject [Bug 54036] currentThreadsBusy issue in centos 6
Date Tue, 23 Oct 2012 08:59:59 GMT

--- Comment #10 from francesco <> ---
this error happened with java version since 1.6.xx to 1.7.xx last attempt of
yesterday has been done using the lastest  7u9-b05 ,  are months that i always
try with newer software available to get tomcat working correctly on centos 6
but nothing at the end i have always to giveup and reinstall centos 5 and with
same identical releases of software everything works correctly... the problem
here i think is that if you have never tryed with tomcat & centos 5 you think
that this is just a problem of performance but i can't believe that in centos 6
threads & connections remain opened this IS a bug, performance serving small
static content (to multiple destinations, apache benchmark tests doesn't show
this issue) are 100x worse in centos 6 and i mean 100x!! == 10 000% !

obviously if you have a huge servlet which take 1 second to serve just 1
request you may be not seeing this issue because the bottleneck is not so
evident so...

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