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Subject [Bug 54019] org.apache.coyote.Response & org.apache.coyote.Request don't call recycle() on notes[] elements.
Date Thu, 25 Oct 2012 12:38:42 GMT

--- Comment #3 from F.Arnoud <> ---
I tried to extract the scheme of main application in a shorter test case.
But I cannot reproduce it.

1) For the buffer violation:
I can reproduce it but only if I don't respect the contract (using the buffer
after END/ERROR or after an IOException, it's a bug in the web application).

2) For the request attribute:
I cannot reproduce it, but in the customer application this attribute is set
only while processing the BEGIN event. And sometimes, this attribute contains a
previous setted value!

For case 1 or 2, even if it's a web application error, maybe Tomcat must
protect his buffer and attribute while it recycles object. I don't know the
philosophy, but IMHO something could be wrong here.

A solution, as an option, could be to wrap the servlet request and response and
disconnect it totally from background elements since application could use it
later. I talk about an option because this need to create new wrappers.

But without such wrapper, there's a problem with the recycling in a shared
server. I thought it was critical to be able to do this.

Personnaly I fixed this in my application with wrapper, anywhere an error
occurs I can completely separate running thread from the real tomcat objects.
In this application we have a lot of connections, some could be closed
while/before processing the begin event!


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