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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: to improve the performance of form-based upload for Tomcat 7
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2012 15:40:10 GMT

On 9/25/12 10:14 AM, Fastupload wrote:
> What's the right  org  that I can apply a commuter account of apache
> open source project?

Committers are invited by the current group of active participants. The
best way to be invited is to become active in the community (i.e. this
mailing list and/or the mailing list), and
submit patches.

If you have a specific patch you think would be useful, file an
enhancement request in Bugzilla and attach your patch to it. If it's
useful, someone will apply it and give you credit.

I'm interested in how you are able to obtain a "5x speed improvement
over commons file-upload": the slowest link in the chain is the network
which you can't fix with software (other than compression). I'm unclear
as to why you think Boyer Moore string searching will be measurably
faster than simple String.indexOf because the search strings (the
multipart boundaries, usually only about 64 bytes) are so small.

Also, I think the use of Boyer Moore is naïve, as it will require you to
read a whole multipart part into memory before searching for the
boundary and disassembling the parts.

Finally, you ignore an opportunity to further improve your algorithm
because the multipart boundary does not change from part to part: you
can cache the charset and offset tables for the multipart boundary for
the entire request instead of re-creating them each time you search. But
then you'd have to understand the algorithm instead of just copy/pasting
from Wikipedia. At least change some of the Javadoc formatting if you
are going to steal other people's work. Otherwise, give them credit.


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