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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Resources - Remaining TODOs
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2012 17:58:54 GMT
On 09/09/2012 19:23, Mark Thomas wrote:
> This thread is for tracking the remaining TODO items.
> An initial brain dump of to do items:
> 1. Run Tomcat 7 TCKs
>    a) To check they pass (minus the API tests which will fail)
JSP TCK passes minus the API test which is expected to fail

>    b) to compare the performance
Comparable. Runtime for the TCK was pretty much identical (the new
version was slightly faster but only by a few seconds and that is well
within the margin of error). Start-up time, the new version was faster
generally but there was wide variation in the times recorded and the old
version's bets time wasn't that far behind the new one.

The TCKs are a very particular usage pattern (pretty much all dynamic
content, few repeated requests to the same resource) so this isn't
conclusive but it is a small positive first result.

> 2. Add the ability to configure the new resources via context.xml /
>    server.xml and document them.
> 3. Complete all TODOs in the code.
> 4. Remove the old resources implementation and associated supporting
>    infrastructure (including tests).
> Mark
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