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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Resources - Is DirContext the right basis for the API?
Date Sun, 09 Sep 2012 18:50:25 GMT
This is part of issue b) in Konstantin's comments in TOMCAT-NEXT.txt

Konstantin has accurately summed up the issues with basing the API on
DirContext as:
     - Unnecessary objects, e.g. NamingException instead of null.

     - Too many methods. Name vs. String. list() vs. listBindings().

     - Limited API. As a workaround, there are non-standard methods that
       are implemented on BaseDirContext instead, e.g. getRealPath(),

I do not believe that the resources implementation should be based
around DirContext. It adds a lot of unnecessary clutter and complexity
to something that is already fairly complex. A comparison of the
DirContext based implementation objects with the new implementation
demonstrates - in my view - how much simpler this could be.


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