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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Re-factoring TLD parsing
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2012 04:00:13 GMT

On 8/16/12 7:11 PM, sebb wrote:
> On 16 August 2012 23:44, Christopher Schultz
> <> wrote:
>> I had a conversation in Vancouver with David Blevins about the scourge
>> of JAR-scanning in general (in that case, we were discussing
>> annotation-processing) and I suggested that a generic JAR scanner could
>> be built that would simply scan JARs and emit events like "found
>> annotation" or "found JAR" or "found file" or whatever.
> What about timing?
> If the components start up independently, there could be issues with
> knowing when all interested parties have declared themselves and when
> it is safe to start the scan. Equally, one component may require the
> information before another registers.

Obviously, timing can be an issue. If the scan is already done and the
events haven't been stored somewhere, the scan needs to be re-done. At
that point, it's no worse than the situation as it stands, today. The
components that can benefit from this idea can, while others will not
suffer any worse than they already do.


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