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Subject [Bug 53621] New: Response code incorrect for requests to contexts in stopped state.
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2012 13:41:28 GMT

          Priority: P2
            Bug ID: 53621
           Summary: Response code incorrect for requests to contexts in
                    stopped state.
          Severity: normal
    Classification: Unclassified
                OS: Linux
          Hardware: PC
            Status: NEW
           Version: 7.0.26
         Component: Catalina
           Product: Tomcat 7

When a request is made to a valid location inside of a context while the
context is stopped (either crashed or manually stopped) tomcat will return HTTP
status code 404.

Steps to Reproduce:
Simply create a context (e.g.: /foo) with a page in it.  View the page, stop
the context (I used probe), refresh the page.  Tomcat will return the mapped
404 handler.  I have tested this on 6.0.24 as well as 7.0.26.

Actual vs. Expected Results:
I expected to receive a form of "unavailable" error returned.

The context and page are not unknown to Tomcat, they are simply unavailable.  I
believe the HTTP Status code 503 would be more aptly suited here.

I found this behavior while attempting to enable the Apache2 mod_proxy
failonstatus attribute to be set to 503, to remove BalancerMembers on a
per-ProxyPass level (potentially, per context).  This would be a nice benefit
to the clustering/balancing systems already in place with Tomcat and Apache


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