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Subject [Bug 53621] Response code incorrect for requests to contexts in stopped state.
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2012 15:15:52 GMT

--- Comment #3 from Kyle Harper <> ---
Regarding RFC 2616 and 4xx vs. 5xx codes, I agree that 4xx is more appropriate.
 I'm not sure I agree that 404 is the best option as it lacks information for
the client, but given Konstantin's remark #1 "A stopped context is absent to
tomcat", it makes sense.

I did bring this to the users group via email and the solution of adding a
servlet in the ROOT context to handle mappings for contexts in the stopped
state was suggested.  I implemented this and it works in 7.0.26, and does not
work in 6.0.35.  Here is a link to the archive for that issue:
(I can open a different bug for 6.0.35 Request Mapper not falling back to /ROOT
if you wish to patch 6.x.)

>1. A stopped application is effectively absent from Tomcat and its request 

Given this, tomcat is working as intended.  Leaving bug resolved:invalid.  If
time permits I'll research a patch to enable configurable status codes in
stopped states.


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