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Subject [Bug 53523] rollbackOnReturn/commitOnReturn does not work without defaultAutoCommit=false
Date Mon, 09 Jul 2012 20:28:54 GMT

--- Comment #4 from Anjana Fernando <> ---
Hi Filip,

Thank you for your detailed response. For my requirement, I'm guessing I will
have to use the custom JDBC interceptor approach. Because, in the connection
pool usage, the applications which use it, the user may set autoCommit to false
and commit at the end, and in a finally block, he will close the connection. So
if there was an error and the execution just jumps to the finally and closes
the connection, the commit won't be called and the connection will just return
to the pool without being committed or rollbacked. And as for having
defaultAutoCommit=true and using the ConnectioState interceptor, I'm a bit
uneasy in keeping dirty connections in the pool :) .. How I got this situation
was with MySQL/InnoDB, where they use REPEATABLE_READ transaction isolation
level by default, which causes unexpected situations like a written value
cannot be read by another connection and so on, if  the connections aren't
properly committed/rollbacked. 


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