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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: tomcat 7.0.29 startup time
Date Fri, 27 Jul 2012 23:25:40 GMT
On 25/07/2012 17:00, Mark Struberg wrote:
> Hi Lords and Ladies!
> I'm currently wrangling with a doubled boot time on tomcat7.0.29 in
> comparison to 7.0.28 (12 webapps in my tc: 7.0.28 < 45s, 7.0.29 >
> 90s).
> I'm aware that 7.0.29 now does the scanning for
> ServletContainerInitializer even if version=2.5 is specified. But
> there shall no class scanning be performed if
> metadata-complete="true" is set, right?

Wrong. I don't like this but the intent of the Servlet 3.0 EG was:
- ServletContainerInitializer cannot be disabled
- If a ServletContainerInitializer is found, then class-scanning will
take place

> Any ideas how we can ease the pain quickly?

The only option I see is a custom (non-spec compliant) Tomcat specific
feature that disables all of this.

> I know the Servlet-EG 'clarified' that only recently, but being an EG
> member myself I know exactly that this can be reverted if it only got
> 'recently clarified'. Nothing is set in stone until a final MR spec
> with an absolute binding wording got released. Mark, others, what
> about explaining the impact to the EG again and maybe they change
> their mind?

Not a chance. Been there tried that. Failed. The intent of the EG was
clear (within the EG) even if the expression of it wasn't.

> For the long run you might be interested in commons-classscan we do
> over at commons atm. The idea is to have all sorts of ASF projects
> (tomcat, OpenWebBeans, OpenEJB, MyFaces, BVal, OpenJPA, ...) register
> their needs upfront and do the scanning only once. But it will take a
> bit until we have something to show off I fear as most of us are
> under heavy load in other ASF projects as well.

I have been keeping an eye on that.


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