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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: atomicity problem in
Date Sat, 21 Jul 2012 21:16:42 GMT
On 21/07/2012 21:32, Chris R wrote:
> Hi,
> I am looking at (

It would be much better to reference the source from the canonical
location (the ASF svn repo) rather than some unverified third-party

> and it seems that there may be a problem there. More specifically, in the
> execute method, getAttribute of Globals.SUBJECT_ATTR is obtained on a
> session
> and then it is set in a non-atomic fashion.

While that statement is true, you have not explained why this is a
problem in this particular case.

The are many examples in the archives of folks reporting a "problem"
based on an analysis of a small section of code without taking into
account how that code is actually used. The Tomcat developers (this one
at least) are more than a little fed up of these reports mainly because
those doing the reporting haven't done the research to figure out if
there is actually an issue or not.

> says that the get and set should be synchronized on a session.

No, it doesn't say that. The relevant text here is the specification
text that is quoted in that question.

> Is this going to be a problem?

You tell me.

> Should I file a bug?

How can you possibly file a bug if you don't know whether or not it is a
problem? Bug reports along the lines of "I think there might be a
problem..." are going to get closed very quickly as INVALID. Probably
with a comment to go and do some research to figure out if there is a

Having looked at this particular code, I see some potential
opportunities for simplifying things but no chance of a threading
problem. If you analysis reaches a different conclusion, please share it.


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