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Subject [Bug 53391] CometEvent.close() doesn't close socket when called from different thread
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2012 20:02:03 GMT

--- Comment #6 from Mark Thomas <> ---
You don't mean close connection either. You mean the client is unable to
determine the end of the response. This is usually signalled by one of the
- content length header plus that many bytes being written
- no content length header and the server closing the connection
- chunked encoding and an end chunk being sent

The Tomcat unit tests check that the end of the response is correctly
signalled. You'll need to use tcpdump or similar to see exactly what is going
on and why curl is not detecting the end of the response. If you can produce a
test case that demonstrates that Tomcat does not end the response correctly
then please re-open this bug and attach the test case.

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