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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Preparatory refactoring for Resource handling refactoring
Date Sat, 16 Jun 2012 18:18:29 GMT

Konstantin Kolinko <> wrote:

>2012/6/16 Mark Thomas <>:
>>> URLs are needed per Servlet API, so they cannot be removed. Does our
>>> "jndi" schema need DirContext as underlying implementation?
>> Our jndi scheme was used to provide access to resources. I believe
>> of that will now go.
>>> I noticed the following commit in archives:
>>> so we have to deal with such schema combinations as "jar:jndi:".
>> No we won't. We only hadf to deal with URLs like that because we
>> generated them.
>How are you going to implement
>ServletContext.getResource(String): URL
>without a custom URL scheme  (be it named "jndi" or somehow else)?
>For file resources it might be possible to produce the "actual" URL
>pointing to a JAR entry or to a file (leaving aside the question of
>whether it exposes too much details),  but you cannot do so with
>directories,  as entries in a directory can be assembled from several

My intention was to use the URL for the actual resource. For directories, I'll use the first
matching dir I find although I need to re-read the spec and Javadoc to make sure there aren't
any nasty surprises waiting to trip me up.


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