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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Starting on 3.1 implementation
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2012 19:34:18 GMT
On 27/06/2012 20:16, Filip Hanik (mailing lists) wrote:
> As some of you noticed, I added in the stubs for Servlet 3.1 yesterday.
> I'm planning on starting on 3.1 features, mainly the non blocking
> read/writes. 
> In Tomcat, we already have an implementation of this in the sandbox
> That works fully, and I'll probably model it after that.
> There are a couple of things I suggest with that for trunk
> 1. Make the NIO connector the default, so that no configuration changes are
> required to use 3.1 features

> 2. Retain BIO connectors, it will simply throw IllegalStateExceptions or
> OperationNotSupported exceptions where appropriate

> 3.1 seems to be a fairly minor update so far, so we should be able to start
> pushing Tomcat 8 right around the time as the spec is finalized.

Just a word of caution. The EG is far from agreed on the best way to do
the non-blocking API at the moment. As with happened with the 3.0 async
API, a complete re-write could still happen.

The EL EG has added a whole bunch of features. On the plus side the
updated jjt file is included in the spec that should speed things up a
fair bit.

I haven't heard anything in terms of JSP updates. I can't imagine there
will be much there.

My current focus on Tomcat 8 is re-factoring the resources to remove all
the JNDI stuff. After that, I'll probably look at the HTTP upgrade bit.


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