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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Tomcat 7.0.28
Date Sun, 17 Jun 2012 20:08:10 GMT
On 16/06/2012 10:04, Rainer Jung wrote:
> Most noteable observation: File conf/web.xml now is open 9 times in
> parallel (9 file descriptors), was 4 times in 7.0.27.

I see 9 open file handle in Windows but this drops to zero once I force
a full GC. On this basis, I'm not concerned but it would be good if you
could confirm the same behaviour.

I suspect my getResourceAsStream() changes might be responsible for
this. I believe we are doing everything we should to close the streams
so I don't think there is anything we can do about these.

> - src consistent with svn tag, except for the following minor points
>   (no regression)
>   - line ends of modules/jdbc-pool/resources/MANIFEST.MF differ
>     between svn and gz although eol-style is set correctly.

*.MF is not in the list of text file types. I'll fix that in a sec.

>   - the files we copy before building, e.g.
> and jdbc-pool.xml are of course
>     not in svn for the cp target location, but they are
>     in the src bundles.

I have fixed this for trunk and 7.0.x.

> - JMX MBean-Comparison
>   - tldScanTime went up for /docs from 7 to 53 (maybe not significant)
>     and for /examples from 275 to 470 (but varies between 280 and 750)

Hmm. getResoureAsStream() again?

>   - Compression Filter filterInitParameterMap changed from
>     {compressionThreshold=10, debug=0} to
>     {compressionBuffer=8192, compressionThreshold=128,
>      compressionMimeTypes=text/html,text/plain,text/xml, debug=0}

Expected - BZ50182

>   - two additional daemon threads ("MessageSender[/examples]" and
>     "SnakeWebSocketServlet Timer")

These are expected and should have been present in 7.0.27 as well (if
the WebSocket examples were started).

Thanks for the detailed tests.


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