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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject mod_jk trying to connect to
Date Thu, 24 May 2012 16:09:41 GMT

I've recently seen two questions on the users' list and a bunch of
questions over on StackExchange/ServerFault about mod_jk trying to
connect to instead of some sane IP address. Many have comments
saying that reverting to mod_jk 1.2.35 seems to fix the issue.

I saw that Mladen recently made a change to jk_util.c
( to use memset(0)
instead of individually blanking-out the fields in the jk_ws_service_t
structure but after checking the patch, it seems that he was very
careful to ensure that certain values didn't get set to 0 but some other
appropriate value. Also, that change was made after the release of
1.2.36 so it's certainly not the cause.

I wonder if anyone can remember some similar change that may, in certain
cases, blank-out the server's IP address for mod_jk's workers.

There also might be something weird with the lookup of "localhost": on
one of the SE questions, the OP did "nslookup localhost" and the request
went to a DNS server (which returned NXDOMAIN) and didn't just
immediately get from his machine's lookup-service.

It seems to be to be pretty stupid for someone to intentionally
configure mod_jk to use (and most have posted
configurations indicating otherwise) so maybe there is a weird use-case
where host resolves to Any ideas?



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