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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject APR/native and per socket timeouts.
Date Sun, 20 May 2012 18:37:41 GMT
Currently, time outs for APR/native sockets are managed at the Pollset
level. This means all sockets in a single Pollset must have the same
time out. This is starting to become a nuisance.

I have already had to add a second Pollset to AprEndpoint to handle
separate connection and keep-alive time outs. Now I need to be able to
handle infinite time outs for WebSocket and I do not want to have to add
a third Pollset.

Therefore, I intend modifying the APR/native code to support per socket
time outs. I would be grateful if those of you with more C knowledge
than I (which is most people on this list) could:
a) tell me now if this is a crazy idea (and why)
b) keep an extra close eye on any commit of mine that touches the C code.

I intend to retain backwards compatibility so newer versions of the
native connector will work with older Tomcat versions but Tomcat 7 will
have a new minimum native version so that this feature is available.
This means that the next Tomcat 7 release is likely to have to wait for
the next native release.

Looking at the code so far, I am likely to start with some renaming to
clarify the current code before actually changing anything functional.


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