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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Welcome file list in web.xml treats index.jsp different from other filenames
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2012 15:47:49 GMT
To whom it may concern,

On 4/14/12 3:37 PM, Net Dawg wrote:
> To your question as to "what point merging algorithms are not
> followed", please try this inside your application context and you will
> probably see the same:
>     <welcome-file-list>
>      <welcome-file />
>     </welcome-file-list>
> This seems to tell Tomcat 7, in plain English, "there are no welcome
> files, don't bother looking for them anywhere" ...

You probably aren't getting a response because you didn't answer the
question. Your opinion of how things should work isn't really relevant,
here. Konstantin asked where Tomcat's behavior violates the servlet spec
and you replied by telling him what you think ought to happen. That's
not an answer, so you're being ignored.

Can you find a place where your "seems to tell" scenario above is
actually supported by language in the servlet specification? If so, tell
us where. If the spec isn't clear on a subject, usually the safest thing
to do is not change anything because users have become reliant on
certain behavior. If and when the spec is clarified, a change will be made.


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