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Subject Re: Who wants my Cassandra session manager for Tomcat?
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2012 17:12:32 GMT
I would tend to view a Cassandra session manager as secondary to the
notion of a simple and extensible session manager interface that is
fundamentally disconnected from the tomcat infrastructure.

It would be valuable to use class serialization and session information in
a cross platform way across ruby, php, and even C++.

> On 03/04/2012 09:56, Morten Jorgensen wrote:
>> All,
>> I recently implemented a Tomcat session manager that uses Cassandra for
>> session storage. Cassandra is a commonly used session store for
>> PHP-based applications, but I could not find one that would plug
>> seamlessly into Tomcat. My Cassandra session manager is fully working
>> and has gone through basic testing.
>> Now I want to donate my code to the Tomcat project - if you'll have it.
>> I am unsure on how to proceed with this, so any direction will be very
>> much appreciated. I did manage the donation of XSLTC from Sun
>> Microsystems to the Xalan-J project at way back when,
>> but this was more than 10 years ago and my memory isn't great...
> I can't speak for the committers/project, but one option would be to
> file an enhancement request and attach a patch in diff format.
> Whether it gets added or not would depend on the committers' opinion
> about the value of the feature & the impact of adding dependencies etc.
> Is there a community of users already, or is it too new?
>> Apologies if this is the wrong forum for this request.
> It's the right forum.
> p
>> Best regards,
>> Morten Jorgensen
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> [key:62590808]

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