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From <>
Subject RE: AJP13: response message with container remote user
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2012 08:44:45 GMT
> 3. You would need some additional work and configuration on httpd side
> to make the information provided by Tomcat be printed into the logs.

[1] Isn't it possible for to set the user for the current request in httpd context via mod_jk
? I guess this would be half good, as this info would only be known to httpd during the response
handling, and not before. I guess this would introduce inconsistencies when httpd users expect
that httpd must be aware of the user during a whole (tomcat) session, instead of just the
http responses.

> 4. It is easier to pass the information back via AJP13_SEND_HEADERS
> message.instead of inventing a new message type and marshalling it
> over the wire.

This would imply to make the user info available in the response's headers, right ?

But anyway, if [1] is correct, then it would mean to let httpd be aware of servlet sessions,
which might be a lot more work I guess.
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