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Subject Re: WebSocket TODOs
Date Sat, 25 Feb 2012 13:32:39 GMT
Mark Thomas <> wrote:

>On 23/02/2012 12:42, Mark Thomas wrote:
>> All,
>> The bulk of the WebSocket implementation is complete. There are,
>> however, still quite a few TODOs.

>> 3. Autobhan performance failures. Not all these tests are completing.
>> Need to figure out why.
>The implementation is horribly slow. See point 6.

Fixed. Still scope for improvement.

>> 4. i18n. Fix all the TODOs and ensure there are no hard-coded English
>> messages.


>> 5. Threading. Fix the TODOs associated around multiple threads trying
>> send messages at the same time.

Still to do.

>> 6. Profiling. Take a look with YourKit and Autobahn's performance
>> If there are obvious bottlenecks, fix them.

Mostly fixed. Performance for lots of small messages is still terrible but I haven't added
any buffering yet and that should help a lot. There are a few obvious bottle necks I want
to fix before i add the buffering.
>> 7. Add some documentation but mainly rely on the examples and the

Still to do.

Getting there.


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