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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: SPDY support
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2012 20:47:23 GMT
On Tue, Feb 14, 2012 at 9:36 AM, Mark Thomas <> wrote:

> On 14/02/2012 08:29, Costin Manolache wrote:
> > Ok, took a bit to get the Apr polling to work and add some minimal tests.
> >
> > Please take another look - in particular to
> >
> >
> > The spdy implementation seems to work with chrome, and the client seems
> to
> > work with google.
> > Probably still has plenty of bugs - but it's a start.
> >
> > If no objections - I'll start merging the LightProtocol/ changes
> > first, than add the spdy server implementation. The spdy client and
> tests -
> > probably later, I want to clean them up a bit more.
> I am all for adding SPDY support to Tomcat asap including if practical
> to the 7.0.x branch (noting that there may be some API changes that may
> prevent this).

So far I don't think I modified any API in incompatible ways.

> I think the patch needs more discussion before it is committed to trunk.
> There are several areas where I am uncomfortable. My key areas of
> concern are:
> 1. The patch places Protocol like code (the code that works with the
> processors) in the endpoints. This significantly muddies the waters
> between Endpoint, Protocol and Processor which will make future
> maintenance more difficult.

I can rename LightProtocol to LightHandler (extends Endpoint.Handler ),
and  Processor to LightConnectionHandler and extend Endpoint.Handler.

I don't care much about the name :-), but it is important ( for my and
probably other
use cases ) for the LightProcessor to be associated with a socket.

The current Protocol/Processor are very tied to HTTP and

> 2. Generic support for upgraded protocols is now available in trunk and
> SPDY should use this rather than adding SPDY specific upgrade handling.
> The generic upgrade process supports all three endpoints.

The 'upgrade' process is for accepting a HTTP request and upgrading the
protocol -
like websocket-over-http does.

SPDY is different - the protocol is negotiated in the TLS handshake, there
is no
HTTP request associated with it.

Also: the current upgrade is quite heavy, it holds Requet/Response and a
bunch of
buffers. I want SPDY to scale to very large number of connections (100k+),
so minimal
memory is a requirement.

Note that there is a 'websocket over SPDY' proposal, so we may need to
merge some
things. But even with normal websocket - I think there would be value in
using the
 LightProcessor instead of the current upgrade, so you could scale to far
more connections.

> Unless I am
> missing something the current SPDY implementation does not support NIO.

Yes, NIO doesn't make sense for SPDY - we can add the hooks, but I don't
see a use case.

SPDY ( as implemented by chrome/firefox or servers ) requires a special TLS
"next protocol negotiation", which is not implemented in JSSE/NIO. It is
available as
a patch to current openssl, and is part of the latest openssl. So you must
use APR to
use SPDY.

The second use case for SPDY is as a proxy protocol, between apache ( there
is a mod_spdy
in progress ) or other NPN-speaking frontend and tomcat, similar with AJP.
In this case JIO is more than adequate - SPDY is multiplexing, so a single
connection can hold as many HTTP requests ( including comet, websocket, etc
NIO would be overkill - there is no need for it's non-blocking stuff.

> 3. Having spent a considerable amount of effort cleaning up the
> connector code, removing duplicate code, resolving inconsistencies and
> making it easier to maintain, this patch feels like a step backwards.

Let me know how I can address your concerns :-)

> I am more than happy to see changes to the current generic HTTP upgrade
> support if it is not currently able to support SPDY.

As I mentioned - there are completely different beasts.

However the 'light protocol' stuff may be a better interface for websocket
connections, in particular if you want extreme scalability.

> I also have some more cosmetic concerns but those are easily resolved.

Let me know :-)


> Mark
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