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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject WebSocket status
Date Tue, 28 Feb 2012 11:08:20 GMT
WebSocket is working with good performance and passing all Autobahn
tests on BIO, NIO and APR.

Currently, all three connectors using blocking IO throughout so there is
a one to one mapping between threads and connections. Therefore,
scalability is not what it could be for NIO and APR.

The remaining TODOs are:

a) move to non-blocking between messages
b) address the threading issues around message sending
c) add some documentation

Nice to haves:
- better examples (Petr Praus, Jonathan Drake & Slávka are working on a
chat application)
- non-blocking throughout for NIO (requires much more state to be
maintained and a change to the API - not sure it is worth it)

Since there is a possibility that a) will require some changes to the
upgrade code, I am holding off on porting that to 7.0.x for now.


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