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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: WebSocket TODOs
Date Sun, 26 Feb 2012 00:43:58 GMT
On 25/02/2012 13:32, wrote:
> Mark Thomas <> wrote:

>>> 5. Threading. Fix the TODOs associated around multiple threads
>>> trying
>> to
>>> send messages at the same time.
> Still to do.
>>> 6. Profiling. Take a look with YourKit and Autobahn's
>>> performance
>> tests.
>>> If there are obvious bottlenecks, fix them.
> Mostly fixed. Performance for lots of small messages is still
> terrible but I haven't added any buffering yet and that should help a
> lot. There are a few obvious bottle necks I want to fix before i add
> the buffering.

This turned out to be a Windows issue. Running the same tests on Linux
is significantly faster and on a par with the performance figures
published by Autobahn for various servers they tested.

I'm not sure if it is Java, Python or both on Windows but something,
somewhere really doesn't like lots of small packets. Adding the
buffering made zero difference so I don't see that there is anything I
can do in the WebSocket code to help with this.

Also on the down side, the WebSockets does not play nicely with the
APR/native connector yet. I need to dig into that and test the NIO

>>> 7. Add some documentation but mainly rely on the examples and
>>> the
>> Javadoc.
> Still to do.


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