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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject WebSocket TODOs
Date Thu, 23 Feb 2012 12:42:07 GMT

The bulk of the WebSocket implementation is complete. There are,
however, still quite a few TODOs.

1. Autobahn failure of test 7.5.1 (close handling)

2. Autobahn UTF-8 failures. Invalid UTF-8 is not being detected by the
Reader. Needs further investigating.

3. Autobhan performance failures. Not all these tests are completing.
Need to figure out why.

4. i18n. Fix all the TODOs and ensure there are no hard-coded English

5. Threading. Fix the TODOs associated around multiple threads trying to
send messages at the same time.

6. Profiling. Take a look with YourKit and Autobahn's performance tests.
If there are obvious bottlenecks, fix them.

7. Add some documentation but mainly rely on the examples and the Javadoc.

Once the above is complete, I intend back-porting the implementation to

I'd also like to see a lot more examples.

I will probably back-port the generic upgrade support first before the
above is complete.

Help with any/all of the above welcome.


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