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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: AccessLogValve enhancement
Date Wed, 15 Feb 2012 21:33:06 GMT
On 15/02/2012 21:23, Mark Claassen wrote:
> We would like to use the flexibility of the standard logging mechanism for
> the AccessLogValue.  I could find no way to do this.  Looking at the
> AccessLogValve code in Tomcat 7, it seems it would really would not be hard
> to add.

I added org.apache.juli.VerbatimFormatter some time ago with this in
mind but never got around to implementing it.

> There already is standard logger in the AccessLogValve class, which is
> where error in the logger itself get routed.
>     private static final Log log = LogFactory.getLog(AccessLogValve.class);
> This still makes a lot of sense, and should probably be kept separate.

> What I would propose is that a new attribute be added, called maybe
> "systemLoggerName".  If this is set, then the logger by that name would be
> used instead of the current hard-coded file logger.  (Errors would still go
> to the statically defined Logger.)
Woot! A bike shed to paint. :)


> I already tried this with the XML listed below and a slightly modified
> AccessLogValve and it seems to work perfectly.  If this is something that
> would be considered a positive change, I would be happy to submit a patch
> and propose some documentation updates.

I assume that the "directory" and "prefix" attributes below are unnecessary.

> I am not exactly sure how this all works, especially since this is more of
> an enhancement rather than a bug fix.  I sure there are guidelines for when
> in a release cycle these types of changes are appropriate.

There is a very detailed 143 page process document for approving changes
like this. Fortunately it may be summed up as "If you can convince a
committer to make the change and no other committer vetos the change it
will be in the next release.". As long as backwards compatibility is
retained, I can't imagine why someone might complain (unless the patch
is a mess).

I also be +1 to considering making this the sole way AccessLogValve
logging may be output.


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