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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject WebSocket progress report
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2012 21:15:01 GMT
I have made some further headway with this and the latest patch is on
people.a.o [1].

Work is still far from complete but the current position is that I have
a simple sample application that runs in Chrome that sends a message to
Tomcat and that message is correctly received.

The most obvious remaining TODOs are:
- Handle multiple messages
- Enable writing of data back to the client
- Allow apps to close the connection

I want to get at least these working before I even think about a comit
to trunk.

Other major TODOs include:
- Handle multi-frame messages
- Handle control frames

The focus has been on functionality rather than speed. I am sure there
will be places that will need some significant refactoring for response
time and GC performance but my plan is to worry about those once I have
something that works and we can test it to see where the problems really
are. I don't want to start premature optimisation - especially when the
design may need to be thrown out if something just can't work with the
current approach.

The good news is that the integration points have remained largely
unchanged with this latest iteration so the outlook for the stability of
the integration points is good - so far ;).



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