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From Brian Burch <>
Subject Re: unit test debugging under Netbeans
Date Thu, 29 Dec 2011 00:47:01 GMT
On 28/12/11 23:18, Mark Thomas wrote:
> On 28/12/2011 10:49, Brian Burch wrote:
>> So... can I submit a patch for these three changes to build.xml? I am
>> sure this will make some of you nervous, but it seems the cleanest
>> approach to me.
> I have no issues with "tweaking" build.xml if it makes integration
> easier with Eclipse, NetBeans, a.n. other IDE.
> The more invasive the changes the less happy I am likely to be with
> them. I'd need to see the proposed patch to comment any further.

Thanks for your quick reply. I am encouraged by your positive comments 
and agree 100% with your stated objectives.

I feel the decision to fold the test/build.xml back into the main 
build.xml when moving from version 6 to 7 was a good thing. When 
starting to work on an unfamiliar project, it is slightly easier to 
understand a complex build when all the properties, paths, targets, etc, 
are in one place. In a small way it encouraged me to investigate the 
netbeans support changes.

> Anything IDE specific would be expected to be placed in
> res/ide-support/<name of ide>. I have no issues adding anything in
> there. One possibility would be a NetBeans specific build.xml that
> pulled in what it needed from the main one and added the extra stuff
> (with the possibility still to tweak the main script as required).

Yes, I agree entirely. I am trying to keep my nbproject/project.xml as 
generic as possible. I will look carefully at res/eclipse and use it as 
a style model (particularly the source path for tomcat dependencies).

My local build.xml mods are currently working fine for me, so I want to 
make progress on my new unit tests. I am not in a hurry to modify the 
trunk, so I will absorb your thoughts and fine-tune my proposed change 
over the next couple of weeks. (It doesn't seem as if there are a lot of 
netbeans users eager to start debugging tomcat unit tests!)

(Konstantin made some valuable specific comments, so I will reply to 
those soon.)



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