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From Jean-Baptiste Onofré>
Subject Re: Move to Maven? (WAS: Re: Publishing process for JARs for Maven Central)
Date Wed, 21 Dec 2011 20:37:54 GMT
Hi all,

I just discussed with Olivier about that.

I will help "OSGiing" Tomcat. I would like to enhance Pax Web to be able 
to support both Jetty (as currently) and Tomcat using OSGi service selector.

I plan to push the OSGi changes tomorrow on the Olivier's github.


On 12/21/2011 09:34 PM, Olivier Lamy wrote:
> Hello,
> I have started some stuff here:
> * sources have been to appropriate modules.
> * I'm now working on some test which fail (some tests need webapp examples)
> * distro not yet done.
> * repackaging of dbcp pool, commons-logging is done using shading technology
> * I will work with jbonofre (who is karaf committer) to add necessary
> stuff to osgiing.
> NOTE: It's really work in progress not finish (so pull requests will
> be accepted :-) )
> 2011/12/20 Mark Thomas<>:
>> On 20/12/2011 08:17, Antonio Petrelli wrote:
>>> 2011/12/19 Mladen Turk<>
>>>> On 12/19/2011 07:04 PM, Henri Gomez wrote:
>>>>> Exactly. Since any change would require a learning curve
>>>>>> and it seems we don't have that many (read none) maven
>>>>>> experts in the house, Gradle could be equally considered,
>>>>>> given that it seems more advanced in customization.
>>>>> I know well Maven but Olivier (Lamy) is a Maven expert, so there is
>>>>> friend in the business.
>>>>> And there is a full Maven PMC not too far ready to provide advices and
>>>>> help.
>>>>> Not counting Tomcat consumers ASF projects like OpenEJB.
>>>> All I have seen so far is talk and talk and more talk.
>>>> There is trunk, branches, sandbox, so anyone is free to
>>>> make a proposal and if things work, I'll be the first
>>>> one supporting it.
>>> I already forked my own repository from GitHub. I hope to start it after
>>> the holidays.
>> I would be very interested in seeing what a Mavenised build of trunk
>> looks like.
>> While I may come across as anti-Maven, that is not my position. I am
>> anti *any* disruptive change that causes more disruption then benefit it
>> brings and right now I see more disruption than I do benefit.
>> I am also wary (from my experience of infrastructure at the ASF) of
>> folks pushing strongly for a switch to something better, promising to
>> help with the switch and promising to support things moving forwards and
>> then melting away just as their support is really needed.
>> A demonstration of a fully Mavenised build of Tomcat trunk (or 7.0.x,
>> 6.0.x or 5.5.x) at GitHub would help considerably:
>> - we would be able to see how all the potential wrinkles (down-loading
>> JDT, building a packages renamed DBCP, building a package renamed
>> Commons logging, etc) were handled in Maven
>> - we'd be able to judge how much simpler the build process was
>> - Maven newbies like me could try building it, debugging with it and
>> developing with it to see how easy we found it
>> - the work required to create it would demonstrate a commitment to
>> supporting this change
>> I should stress that a working Mavenised build of a version of Tomcat is
>> necessary but not sufficient to get my support for a switch from Ant to
>> Maven for the build / release process.
>> Mark
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Jean-Baptiste Onofré
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