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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Redeploy on context.xml changes (Was: Tagging 7.0.23)
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2011 16:09:13 GMT
On 08/11/2011 22:49, Mark Thomas wrote:
> I found some time today to look at this. Summarising the issues so far:
> 1. I have separately applied a couple of minor fixes that were included
> in the larger patch.
> 2. Renaming watchedResources -> reloadResoucres
> Agree with reverting this change
> 3. Adding JavaDoc to FailedContext
> Agree with doing this. I tweaked the wording a little bit as it might
> not be a StandardContext instance that we failed to create
> 3. Formatting of FailedContext
> Given that the majority of the code is NO-OP and the rest is pretty much
> getters/setters the current formatting is deliberate to reduce the
> length of the file. I did something similar for WebXml.
> 4. s/absolue/absolute/
> Drat. Missed this first time around. Fixed now.
> 5. redeployResource has been implemented for FailedContext
> 6. Unexpected deletion of resources due to adding conf/context.xml to
> redeployResources
> - removed redeployResources from Context
> - ensure global resources are never deleted
> - add global resources at end of redeploy list
> Particularly with the changes for 6, the patch should be easier to read.
> The patch is here:
> There are currently a few open TC7 bugs so fixing those should provide
> enough time to review this patch before the 7.0.23 tag.

It has been a couple of days and no objections so I plan to apply this
patch in the next day or so and tag 7.0.23 early next week. That should
give me time to fix the remaining open bug and any unit test and/or TCK
failures that appear.


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