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From Jörg Henke <>
Subject Tomcat Maven Integration
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2011 15:57:59 GMT
Hi there,

just a question as I'm not familiar with tomcat developement and maven 
integration; I think this is a developement topic to be discussed or at least 
to be thought of.

Is it possible to make tomcat use its own maven repository inside? This would 
mean if I generate a war file to be deployed, I don't package the needed libs 
referenced in maven, for tomcat should provide them.

Then tomcat is to look into the war file, check the pom.xml and get the libs 
from maven repository itself to make sure that the web application can use the 
needed libs.

There might be conflicts between two releases of a lib; this must be handled by 
such a tomcat maven plugin. As the war defines the release version in its maven 
config file, tomcat is to be able to use the specified one instead of only 
looking for the right package.

The benefit would be smaller war files and only one lib for many projects.

So here again my question: is it possible to do it this way or, if not, is 
this "feature" to be implemented (at least as a module for tomcat)?

Thanks for any reply

Jörg Henke

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