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From David Blevins <>
Subject Publishing zips to the maven repo
Date Fri, 14 Oct 2011 00:01:50 GMT
We've been using plain Tomcat zips for creating TomEE in the OpenEJB maven build for a while
now.  So far that has been done by publishing the Tomcat zips to a maven repo in svn.  Not
the best idea to have them in svn, so we're trying to get them in the actual maven repo.

It's pretty slick to be able to use the maven dependency plugin to download and unpack the
zip so you can run integration tests and things like that.  Arquillian does that.  Or do like
we do and download & unpack with the dependency plugin, then add some wars & zip up
again with the maven assembly plugin.

The current plan is to continue using the org.apache.openejb groupId.  Do we (Tomcat) want
to publish them ourselves in the org.apache.tomcat section of the repo?

Not a Tomcat committer obviously, but would be happy to do the setup work so they could go
up with the rest of the binaries.



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