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From Henri Gomez <>
Subject Re: Embeded Tomcat using a Connector with a random port (port 0)
Date Fri, 14 Oct 2011 08:34:46 GMT
>> 3) There are several Connector/Endpoint implementations in Tomcat.
>> While does support port number of "0",  I am not
>> sure that APR-based implementation does allow it.
> Sure but the use case is just to start a http/https (apr can be
> omitted) connector on any random free port, do some unit test and stop
> it.
> IMHO it's a valid use case (and with it folks will be able to use
> tomcat rather than an other servlet container which has this feature
> available :-) ).
> See the code snippet I have pointed, the code to write for using
> tomcat is really smaller/smarter (except all hacking I have to write
> due to the restriction on port).


It make sense to have a way to get an unused random port for embedded
mode in testing cases.

On a CI system, ie Jenkins, you could have many concurrents tests done
at the same time, the only solution to get a free port is to discover
it at startup time isn't it ?

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