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From Francis Galiegue <>
Subject Re: [RFC] Netmask-based filter and valve
Date Sat, 15 Oct 2011 00:21:10 GMT
On Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 14:09, Francis Galiegue <> wrote:
> Yes, I was kind of wondering whether the .get*() methods required
> symmetry with .put*(). So, this is one of my questions answered.
> Along with the question of why Remote{Host,Addr}Filter cleared allow
> and deny before assigning them...
> I'll rework this part, along with exception handling.

While all the points above have been addressed, there is a big issue:
filters just don't seem to "error away" when badly configured. See the
associated bugzilla entry at even with an
existing filter, which is known to work, the context is reloaded
anyway... In its previous state or so it seems, according to some "out
of the head" tests of mines.

In particular, nothing out of my log.error()s appear in any log file
with a default Tomcat tarball generated by "ant release"! Next step is
trying and applying the patch over the "real" Tomcat 7.x branch and
see what turns out...

Francis Galiegue,
"It seems obvious [...] that at least some 'business intelligence'
tools invest so much intelligence on the business side that they have
nothing left for generating SQL queries" (St├ęphane Faroult, in "The
Art of SQL", ISBN 0-596-00894-5)

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