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From Francis Galiegue <>
Subject [RFC] Netmask-based filter and valve
Date Mon, 10 Oct 2011 18:22:22 GMT
Hello list,

Frustrated by the limitations of existing
Remote{Addr,Host}{Filter,Valve}, I have coded an implementation of a
Filter and Valve doing netmask-based matching. These valves can also
do IP-based matching (just don't specify a netmask).

Having quite some difficulties writing unit tests for now, I have
instead tried it in "real life" situations, that is using both in a
temporary install on both IPv4 and IPv6. They both work.

But I need help. Not only with writing unit tests, which for now only
exist for the base NetMask class, but also for error handling (what
should be done when an illegal netmask is supplied, etc).

You can see the whole patch here:

Those are new files, apart from the documentation.

[yes, I know about coding style, I'll fix that, so please no comments
about it: I want to get the code "in shape" first]

Comments appreciated,
Francis Galiegue,
"It seems obvious [...] that at least some 'business intelligence'
tools invest so much intelligence on the business side that they have
nothing left for generating SQL queries" (St├ęphane Faroult, in "The
Art of SQL", ISBN 0-596-00894-5)

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